My passion is to develop memories,
impressions and stimulate emotions.

Inspiration is all around us.
We walk through life collecting stories.

By sharing our stories we can evolve together.

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Having produced white goods for over 30 years, there was a definite need for this giant Qingdao factory to create a strong brand story. From a family oriented household brand it was time to approach the saturated market from a new angle. Technology and the network of it became the future of its new brand story. A transition that reflected not only in the change of brand color (from magenta to blue) and a logo update, but also in a modern visual system and a Haier specific messaging & tone of voice. In such a maturing process forms a new position in the market, that has quality of product at its foundation.
When we did the project, the first signs of injecting a human factor in technology took shape that turned into a business advantage. From manufacturer to ideas company.
Branding at its best.

A classic Wenzhou family business story, Yi Er Kang is probably the largest shoe producer in the country. An amazing management system - the stores are owned by the store managers - lives this family spirit.
“To give every chinese person a pair of good leather shoes” is the founders manifesto.
Today they produce shoes for every situation and age possible, hence our brand position and purpose is "a quality pair of shoes for every step in life". Whatever the situation in life, we have a suitable pair of leather shoes for you.
The new brand image was successfully launched this year.

Fund investment out of CBD Beijing. A company with strong culture background, expanding wealth from the heart of the capital.
Balance was the main design guidance throughout this exercise, not only meaning “win win”, but also the harmony between people, nature and country. An interesting study into Tai Ji and its meaning beyond Ying Yang gave us insights into culture and personalities.
The execution realized the findings in a sophisticated brand system, clear and easily applicable in the future.
We still cherish friendships with the company.

A young dynamic team of tech enthusiasts, backend by university knowledge, this agile brand had to look fast for an identity before going IPO in New York. A speedy, but exciting and close collaboration with the client team enabled us to give birth to this brand just in time for the May event.
At the core of the brand stands the vision of keeping the Internet simpler and safe, despite the speed it moves.
LiNingSports brand | Brand platform and repositioning
WanHuiDaLaw firm | Brand experience
NQ MobileMobile | Brand purpose & experience
Li&FungApparel | Biodegradable ingredient brand experience
Le Feng WangE-commerce | Cosmetic brand experience
HPComputers and accessories | Market integration and training Asia Pacific
HaierWhite goods manufacturer | Brand experience
GioneeMobile | Brand purpose
CICCFund investment | Brand experience
JiamingProperty investment | Brand experience
Merck SeronoPharmaceutical | Brand identity and video
Xian JanssenPharmaceutical | Brand experience and packaging
DicastalWheels manufacturer | Brand experience
Cheetah MobileMobile | Brand experience
233621Consumer electronics | Naming, brand experience, product innovation, activation
Jet Li One FoundationCharity | Identity
Guoco LandProperty Developer | Destination branding
Greenland | Primus HotelProperty Developer | Hotel experience and environment
Greenland | Q HotelProperty Developer | Hotel experience and environment
GamaniaOnline gaming | Brand definition and experience
GP CapitalFund investment | Brand experience
Ming Hang DistrictGovernment Shanghai | District branding
Pernod RicardWine production | Packaging and identity
Fubon BankFinance | Brand definition
YearconShoe brand | Brand experience and environment
Danone WaterHydration FMCG | Innovation
Mage’sBiscuit manufacturer | Brand experience
M&GStationery | Brand Experience and environment
LimaElectric scooters | Brand Experience
Tong Ren TangChinese traditional medicine | Brand Experience
Coca ColaWater FMCG | Packaging design
ChaoweiVehicle battery | Innovation and brand Experience
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Many memories are being processed in a stage of relaxation,
when we have time to process our collected impressions.
One of those moments is captured in the picture above, at Vienna Airport, whilst waiting for my flight.
The colors are perfect and mostly warm; a beautiful mix of organge and blue tones,
and even so this is in the late afternoon, it has morning qualities to it.

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