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  • Screens in HK

    On this sunny day, the colors of the buildings and depth throughout the city came to a beautiful new light. Hongkong feels like a decaying city, with all its beauty and rotting color schemes. Even the business district in the center feels dated; an artificial “German-ness” trying to suggest security in this former British colony. […]

  • Sydney part 2

    Part 2 of Sydney, still, this was all about color and light. 1 Martin Place Two men enjoying the sunshine When you look at the details, there are really nice colors everywhere! Harbor bridge in the morning. Interesting perspectives for a landlocked Austrian. Again, the colors here are dramatic. Beautiful skies. Solid construction. Something’s poking […]

  • Sydney Part 01

    We didn’t notice the Water Dragons until I realized I was standing right next to one. The end of the world is a steep cliff. Wonderful patterns washed out Bandicoots ey! Yeah, we won’t talk about that. Always a glass of wine down under. Waiting for the ferry – 3 minutes to spare … Had […]

  • Graphic India

    The Taj Mahal, amazing detail and craftsmanship. Beautiful angles and play of light. We Muslim like our patterns … even in the floor… … repeated and evolved. Carved out of one piece of marble. Inlays with amazing detail in white marble … … and red sand stone. Despite the patterns everywhere, people like to paint […]

  • Icon Lab

    Visited Icon Aircraft in L.A. last month. The startup got quite well known in design circles when Attik did their VI. The planes are about to launch production. Cost around U$D 150K. Current waiting time – about 3 years.

  • New York, New York

    My first US trip in a long time. Started off in LA with a week around Westwood and Santa Monica. Gorgeous weather, but pretty cold. Not what I expected. And definitely no weather to run around in a Bikini. Amazing colors in Carson land with a bit of sand blowing over the top … Then […]

  • Shanghai World Expo Park 世博公园

    Where hustling buzzing crowds came ashore in Pudong in 2010 to visit the expo in Shanghai, there is now a half wild nature reserve, beautifully displaying the colors of autumn. It’s a peaceful getaway near the center of the city. The bat-winged ship landing still standing proud. As soon as you turn off into the […]

  • Shanghai Animation Museum

    On the first hot day this summer we visited the Shanghai animation museum. Some interesting work there. Original animation slide from 1961 Journey to the West. A modern cartoon called ‘not coming home this spring festival’. Nothing much has changed since then, except there was this inspirational hole in between. Magazine cover from 1936 – […]

  • Spring is in the air …

    Took a walk through Gong Qing Sen Lin Park (共青森林公园) in Shanghai. It’s huge! They also have a lot of beautiful spots, which attract a lot of wedding couples and photographers … a big business. But first: A man on a sweaty horse. An old man with a huge rod. The more of those couples […]

  • Trip to Dong Jing

    This was my second trip to Tokyo. Before I thought the city was a buzzing hub of neon lights. Now it was the most tranquil place ever. On one side that could have to do with the countries current situation, on the other that I came from Shanghai … Dust is still collecting in Studio […]