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  • Inspiration

    Inspiration comes from all angles. Precision is more related to craftsmanship than creativity. One morning I saw this man working on wooden frames for ‘Dim Sum’ [Cantonese], ‘Dian Xin’ [Mandarin]. It is by now very rare to see such devotion and passion from a single person in the big cities. This reminded me of the […]

  • Land of innovation

    After years of copying western ideas and trying to make them look more local, here are finally original ideas that have been developed from the inside out, considering true local culture and needs, and thoroughly studying the background of the subject. I’m so happy that the innovation age has finally started. The New Shanghai Cinema […]

  • Austria 2011

    Home sweet home. But first need to find our way through the snow … All the good stuff has to be carried by hand to the top … Only water is plentiful up here. The food looks like a mouthful, but actually in these harsh conditions, you need the energy! The air is so fresh […]

  • Short Taiwan trip

    Over 1. Ocotber holiday the boys made a short trip to Taiwan. Since direct travel is restricted, the journey via Hong Kong took a while, but once arrive we dived into the nightmarket scenario and stuffed ourselves with too much delicious food (as usual). Managed to travel down south into the sunshine to Kenting and […]

  • Hong Kong film stills

    Every time I go to Hong Kong I like to take walks during night time. After all the British office crowed has disappeared and been replaced by local people, the whole atmosphere of the streets changes. (The mystery of low lit environments reminds me of Toulouse_Lautrec‘s paintings) It is also the lighting during night time […]

  • beach constructivism

    Constructivism is one of my favorite movements. It is so inspirational and such a sophisticated way of expressing thought, and actually stimulating others to evolve those thoughts. It is an ever growing process. I can find inspiration through this way of thinking in plenty of daily life’s constructions – tangible or intangible ones. Here are […]

  • Pattern

    During walks, meetings, presentations, events, dinner, shopping, etc. we are constantly surrounded by pattern. As we are always confronted with these pattern, we absorb and interact with them. Subconsciously we absorb the ones we prefer and apply them in one way or another in daily life …

  • Luxury brands

    Whilst recently researching ‘luxury brands’ for a client, I stumbled accidentally across this website kim jong il looking at things. (Thanks Eric for the reference and mock-up) I believe we are onto something here. Perhaps the missing link between western and eastern Haute Couture? Definitely worth an investigation when it comes to desperately developing a […]

  • Xiao Long Bao

    The best Xia Long Bao place in Shanghai, on Maoming Lu 70. Yi Long costs 6RMB and includes 8 Bao Zi. Why go to Din Tai Fung and pay 48RMB for Yi Long? The interior is very simple and sits 10 people. I love the layout and the color scheme. Yummi! Each one has delicious […]