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  • A (hi)story of customer management case

    This is a beautiful example of a roller coaster ride of client – agency relationship, including successes and mistakes. The name of the client is kept anonymously and just called ‘the client’ for reference. Additionally this case is written to show the relationship of senior management involvement in costumer management and the effects of lack […]

  • Design Process Revealed

    Here is a short introduction concerning the design process in our company. I found this quite useful for introduction of new staff. This list is also very helpful for students who are looking to work in the industry: Design process 设计过程 1. THINK ______________________________ 1.思考 Research, brainstorm, mind-mapping 研究,灵感,脑中成像 Points of research_keep the client in […]

  • branding your venture

    Here is a abstract a lecture on branding basics and useful steps I held in Kerry Centre Beijing for China Entrepreneurs – interesting feedback and insights form the audience: Finding a brand that fits your company is more than just slapping a catchy phrase onto a sleek photo. It is everything that is associated with […]

  • beijing.collaborative

    … The wit and cleverness of Chinese people teaches me new approaches to design and life almost every day and I enjoythe independence of running my own company and the challenges I face.Design is a vocation not a profession. You don’t turn off your brain at five in the afternoon and switch on again at […]

  • Kingston University

    Kingston University is the best University in the world! Trust me, I’ve tried several. Motivation is important, and when I was asked to write about my experience there, I didn’t hesitate a second. Here is an extract of the article published by Kingston University [online pdf]: I studied Architecture before and after working on several […]