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  • A day out in Shanghai

    I love history and specially of nature. This museum has lots of stuff, unfortunately all stored like a warehouse and not really taken care of. It would make a great project to turn this into a cool place for kids, since they have a lot of material already in there, just looks like 20 years […]

  • Tina’s birthday

    Tina’s **th birthday. Almost the whole Tian familyi came together. Went to Tairyo, or whatever it’s called, Japanese tepanyaki place. The ones in Beijing are very good, but that one just sucks. Usually alcohol consumption is unlimited, but they cut it off after 2 hours. So we had to speed-drink … Mother and grandmother (83), […]

  • Taiwan

    Well lots going on in the last month – short trip to Taipei, another place I haven’t visited yet. Ghost airport Pudong terminal 2. close-up No more lighters on all carriers. So in the smoking room you find this high-tech gadget … made of confiscated lighters. Flying into Hong Kong on a clear day can […]

  • Tokyo, Japan

    A company trip to Tokyo! I’m in here since 2002, but never managed to go to Japan. It’s only a couple of hours flight. Well, this year finally I was able to go. Amazingly clean, people are over friendly (especially when you buy stuff) and I only saw one guy spit and he was from […]

  • Austria

    Due to new visa regulations (because of Olympics 😉 , I had to go back to Austria and apply for a new visa. This has to do with my new job at The Brand Union here in Shanghai. It was very refreshing to be back home, although only 5 days all in all, and when […]

  • Thailand [pix]

    Finally after some years we went on a holiday again. 2 days Bangkok and the rest on Koh Pangan. 2 weeks were not enough, but that just means we will come back again. Just a couple of weeks before, the sister of the king had passed away. This influenced many people. Anthony on a dinosaur. […]