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  • Parade for Mooncake festival

    Despite cats and dogs raining form above, thousands of people gathered yesterday on a busy shopping street for the annual Mid-Autumn Festival parade. Amazingly decorated with many flower motives, wagons from all provinces and other countries. Indonesia, along with Singapore, France, Germany, Macao etc. was also represented. Mooncakes (simplified Chinese: 月饼; pinyin: yuè bĭng) are […]

  • Toys for the boys

    Well, I’m not sure if I buy these toys for Anthony or for myself. But they are pretty cool. AV-98 INGRAM2. Revolver Joint from RevolTech. Series No.14 Manufactured by KAIYODO Sculpter:  YAMAGUCHI Katsuhisa Bionic robot can twist and turn in almost all positions. In door helicopter. Meant to be flown in the room. Lost the […]

  • Rain

    When it already looks gloomy in the morning from your apartment window, the best thing to do is to put your shoes in your backpack and wear sandals on the way to work. At least that is what the locals do. Morning view with rain pregnant sky. Speedboat taxi on our street. Just like Venice. […]

  • C. Joy game exhibition

    And what a joy it was…. A recent computer games fair proved to have many nice decorations and interesting features. I even managed to keep my grin consistent! Mum, I got a new girlfriend!