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  • Honkou District

    Anthony goes for drawing classes every Saturday in Modern Museum of Art in Dorun Lu. They have a special painting school for kids – and they teach them a little different from the normal school system. Apparently it’s not that easy to get get in, but after he showed his ‘portfolio’ they took him into […]

  • A day out in Shanghai 02

    Kathy and family came down from Beijing for the week and we had a great time together. Amongst other things visited the Shanghai aquarium. Lots of people, but still a good spot for a family picture. Going down into the ocean. Amazing these ‘flying’ fish. Anthropologist Dr. Prof. Kathirim Supramanium studying the interaction of sharks […]

  • The Zoo in Shanghai

    After so much cake, we were ready for some activity and next day went to the zoo. A friendly welcome by these two guys … Then Tina and Anthony wandered off into the jungle and … In a building left over from Logan’s Run I lost them in the greenery … It was quite dangerous […]

  • Sandal

    Interesting piece of design I got from a mountain spa hotel in that city east of here starting with ‘T’ and ending with ‘pei’.

  • XiTang – MI3

    For National Holiday we went to Xi Tang, which is on the way to HangZhou. It is the place where they filmed MI3 with Tom Cruise, and since then the 1000 year old town has gained on popularity … Especially during the national holidays in Wonderland, I do not advise anyone seeking harmony and tranquility […]