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  • 1933 Meat Processing Factory

    1933,建造于1933年的亚洲当时最大、最先进的肉食品加工厂,从一栋废弃的建筑,重新以格外特别的面貌出现在人们的视线,时尚,创意,让历史的遗迹,在新的历史中,以完全不同的面貌,重新上演,谁又能想到。或许,这就是时光和生命的力量。 原址建筑竣工于1933年,这座充满装饰派艺术气息的建筑,堪称多元文化相结合的惊世杰作:项目由浙江商人开发(并同时负责建造苏州河畔的巴马丹拿集团设计的邮局项目),英国建筑师设计,最后由中国建筑商余洪记建造(采用英国进口混凝土)。设计建造最初是为满足当时都市人民需要而建的亚洲最大、最先进的肉食品加工厂。1970-2002年间,该建筑被用作制药厂车间,随后一直归于沉寂和闲置,直至2006年的重建计划方才重回众人视线。 The site construction of the biggest meat processing factory in Asia at the time completed in 1933. This is full of art deco architecture, is a combination of multi-cultural masterpiece: development by a Zhejiang businessmen (who is also responsible for the construction of the Suzhou River Design Group), British architecture design, and finalized […]

  • Liu Hai Su Art Musuem

    From Anthony’s drawing class we joined the Chinese-Japanese Exhibition opening in Liu Hai Su Art Museum. Opening speeches and important people …. Chicken in a glass, without the glass … Horse woman. Maybe these sculptures are not to be taken literally … The artist himself at work. Very focused.