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  • Phone Story issue 3

    We went to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum today. They have a 3D iMax cinema in which we watched ‘The Secret of the Nile’ and ‘The Serengeti’. Quite good. Unfortunately we didn’t make it into the Alien exhibition … This is an interesting point in terms of sociological politics (or whatever), considering the invention […]

  • Phone Story issue 02

    The mobile photo story continues. A walk from Hankou [Sichuan Bei Lu/Duorun Lu] to Nanjing Dong Lu. Half a building on a street corner fighting for survival. Simple attraction – a shaved poodle. People stop and admire the cute dog. The proud owner shows off. Another building from the early 1900s. The second CBD (Central […]

  • Journey of the Second Life: Tom Doctoroff

    Journey of the Second Life: Marketing in the Digital Universe I attended the AmCham presentation of Tom Doctoroff, Area Director of North Asia and CEO of JWT Greater China, in the Four Seasons Hotel today. Tom was trying to shed some light on Chinese online behaviour. Statement one: Chinese are not becoming western. One argument […]

  • This City Art

    A good friend of mine, Martin Barnes, who’s relocation to China is somehow my fault also, started a great prohect in Beijing called ‘This City Art’. Next upcoming public view is on Sunday June 28th, and as usual, in a public space which will be announced shortly before the exhibition. This is a great idea […]

  • the phone story

    I emptied my phone image library and got the idea of making a photo story here about the last 5 months … Find it interesting in the sense of – ‘What is it that influences our ideas?’ So everything might appear a bit random, but interesting. Lunch in the newly opened Bull Noodle in Changle […]

  • Forget Me Not issue 1

    2009.06.17的黄昏,Super Nature Design的“Forget Me Not”创意聚会活动正式启动。这是我们酝酿许久之后组织的第一次小型创意聚会。甜美的红酒,精致的Pizza,可爱的小食,当然还有参加我们这次聚会的创意人士一起构成了这场精彩的创意分享,这些人来自不同的创意领域,覆盖视频影像,音乐制作,平面设计,活动公关等。谢谢你们到来与分享,也希望你们的朋友,朋友的朋友继续加入“Forget Me Not”聚会,我们期待下次再见。 关于“Forget Me Not”: 这是一场集创意理念,生活态度,设计过程,结识朋友,资源共享等多方面的分享聚会!也是Super Nature Design新创办的独特小型聚会,我们只有一个小小的要求需要参加的创意人士来自不同领域,并且携一名自己的创意朋友一同参加,聚会的内容是在有吃有喝的优美环境下介绍自己给大家并且畅谈工作和生活上的创意点滴。每次的聚会地点和时间都会由Super Nature Design发出邀请通知。 让我们一起做好准备吧,也许下一次就是你。 June 17, 2009 was the day Super Nature Design held its first creative get together called “Forget Me Not”. We would like to thank our friends (and friend’s friends) from various industries from music to motion graphics, from graphics […]