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  • Phone Story issue 08

    The Aqua hotel in Shenzhen. A very nice designed hotel inside a mountain covered by a waterfall. Sounds very spectacular and I’m sure it will be, but for off season in the first year there were some complications. Well, you can’t find the staff these days … Within this waterfall is the hotel. The slide […]

  • Phone Story issue 07

    working in branding, naming is always a big issue here. most people approach this task from a consumer perception point of view, and like a student guessing what the teacher thinks, apply some name they think their customers would like and buy their product. unfortunately, along the way there are many holes in the process […]

  • Phone Story issue 06

    If you like fish, this is the place to come to in Shanghai. The fish market has everything to offer, from Canadian crab to Norwegian Salmon, local jelly fish … and the price is good too. Very fresh and looking around made me want to open a fish restaurant …. hm, lobster … in all […]

  • I love Shanghai

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