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  • beach constructivism

    Constructivism is one of my favorite movements. It is so inspirational and such a sophisticated way of expressing thought, and actually stimulating others to evolve those thoughts. It is an ever growing process. I can find inspiration through this way of thinking in plenty of daily life’s constructions – tangible or intangible ones. Here are […]

  • Pattern

    During walks, meetings, presentations, events, dinner, shopping, etc. we are constantly surrounded by pattern. As we are always confronted with these pattern, we absorb and interact with them. Subconsciously we absorb the ones we prefer and apply them in one way or another in daily life …

  • Luxury brands

    Whilst recently researching ‘luxury brands’ for a client, I stumbled accidentally across this website kim jong il looking at things. (Thanks Eric for the reference and mock-up) I believe we are onto something here. Perhaps the missing link between western and eastern Haute Couture? Definitely worth an investigation when it comes to desperately developing a […]

  • Xiao Long Bao

    The best Xia Long Bao place in Shanghai, on Maoming Lu 70. Yi Long costs 6RMB and includes 8 Bao Zi. Why go to Din Tai Fung and pay 48RMB for Yi Long? The interior is very simple and sits 10 people. I love the layout and the color scheme. Yummi! Each one has delicious […]

  • Phone Story issue 12

    A vending machine for books … hm, hey honey, I just pop downstairs to get some books, why don’t you slip into something more … The cherry tomato heart at the side of the waffle with chocolate and cream – that’s love. Well, I guess standing in a shelf all day can be exhausting … […]

  • Phone Story issue 11

    Always fascinating to get serial numbered notes, freshly printed, from the bank. Nice still-life, with spanner left on top of the hydrant. Interesting how certain locations in the urban environment are picked for advertising and offers. The city hall in Shenzhen. A logo right there? Come on Alan, do the Airport thing … Hey, they […]

  • Phone Story issue 10

    This topic is endless, but yet surprises me each time… It truly was primitive. You should have seen the waitresses! I hope no one ever gets fried in here. I used to come here to dump my northern girlfriends. Well, yes, respect for a culture starts with the respect for their language. Haha, can I […]