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  • Sydney part 2

    Part 2 of Sydney, still, this was all about color and light. 1 Martin Place Two men enjoying the sunshine When you look at the details, there are really nice colors everywhere! Harbor bridge in the morning. Interesting perspectives for a landlocked Austrian. Again, the colors here are dramatic. Beautiful skies. Solid construction. Something’s poking […]

  • Sydney Part 01

    We didn’t notice the Water Dragons until I realized I was standing right next to one. The end of the world is a steep cliff. Wonderful patterns washed out Bandicoots ey! Yeah, we won’t talk about that. Always a glass of wine down under. Waiting for the ferry – 3 minutes to spare … Had […]

  • Graphic India

    The Taj Mahal, amazing detail and craftsmanship. Beautiful angles and play of light. We Muslim like our patterns … even in the floor… … repeated and evolved. Carved out of one piece of marble. Inlays with amazing detail in white marble … … and red sand stone. Despite the patterns everywhere, people like to paint […]